Exploring Bali From Beaches to Cliffs {Video}

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We spent just under a month enjoying the amazing island of Bali. 

The beautiful island is a tropical paradise that attracts visitors from all over the world from backpackers to families. We had the chance to experience some of the best parts of the island. From exploring the amazing volcanic history of the Bali to trying our hand at surfing on the white sand beaches. Bali has so much to offer visitors. We had an amazing time enjoying lazy days on the beach, walking along the stunning cliffs, bargaining in the markets, watching the stunning sunsets, riding scooters on Nusa Penida’s terrible roads (worth it for the amazing views) and discovering the rich culture of this island.

We also had the chance to stay in a luxurious hotel villa for free in exchange for creating an Arrivedo Guide.

Check out the video.


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