5467Who would have guessed that Nick would meet the love of his life dressed as a bride at a bridal shoot in England in 2013 and then actually marry her on the beautiful beach of Mexico at the end of 2014 and vow to love her through thick and thin till death do them apart. Yes, you said it. You wish your love story could be as romantic as theirs. But don’t fear! Sassi and Nick don’t want to pride but they believe that you are special, loved and your story is just as beautiful.

They want to make the world a better place by taking inspiration  from Jesus and the Bible, spread a smile everywhere they go and they believe that everyone has a chance and ability to make a positive difference, you and me included.

You can take part in their pursuit of making a difference by sharing your positive and uplifting stories that may encourage others on this website as well. Click here to share you positive news or to take part in their video project of sharing stories of hope through suffering.

Who are we?
Nick is born and bred in England but he got his wild traveling passion from being half Filipino.

Sassi was born in Germany, brought up in Hungary and then after pointing at a world map found herself living in England at the age of 18.

We have been to many countries together since we have been together and many other countries before we met each other. Nick graduated with BA (Hons) in Photography and Sassi with BA (Hons) in Youth work and Ministry. Nick worked as a property photographer and freelancer for various projects and companies and Sassi has worked with children and young people for various churches and charities. Sassi has lived in the UK for over 10 years, so we decided to make a change and go venture into the big wide world together in 2017. We have returned to the UK at the end of 2018, have new jobs but our passion for travelling will never stop and hope to live in a new country in a few years.