Months 2 to 4 with Ezra

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Ezra had his tongue tie appointment at week 6 and found that he had a very severe tongue tie, after this appointment he had to be retrained to feed well. Poor boy wasn’t able to eat properly for 6 weeks because of the undiagnosed tongue tie, no surprise he was screaming constantly and couldn’t sleep day or night.

The second month started with a hospital visit as Ezra was in so much pain at night and we didn’t know why and what we could do. He was diagnosed with GORD which meant the stomach acid was causing him pain and he had severe reflux. After a week of trying to settle him without medication by giving less food to him and more frequently, the doctor prescribed some medication for him. After this hospital visit we were told that we should feed Ezra more frequently and in less quantity which would mean continued hourly wake ups for us at night. However, we didn’t listen and we have managed to

  • cut down from 13 feeds a day to 7-8
  • 6 feeds a night to 2 (sometimes 1 feed a night)
  • hourly, sometimes half an hourly feeds to 2 hourly feeds


We have increased Ezra’s medication from one sachet to three. He still had bad nights with lots of fussing as lying down made his reflux worse until he turned 4 months old.

I slowly started to train him to eat less frequently by giving him the dummy, distracting him and rocking him to extend the gaps between feeds and by trying to manipulate his naps a bit as he wanted to eat after his naps.

However, at 3 and half months we decided to go cold turkey with the dummy, took it away and moved him into his own bedroom. He was associating sleep time with a dummy, this wouldn’t have been an issue if he didn’t cry for it every hour he dropped it at night. After a fair bit of crying and some unsettled days and nights, he learnt to self soothe and suck his thumb and to nap in his cot and I have finally started to have a bit more time in the day and we have all started to sleep a little better at night.


Ezra has become a very chatty boy. He loves talking to his favourite animals and to people as well. He loves vibrant colours and he sings along to songs. He is brilliant at copying sounds including animal sounds and easy words. He is blowing a lot of raspberries and he makes us laugh.

Ezra is very energetic, loves kicking and started rolling and giggling at the end of the 3 months. He loves having a bath and story time with daddy.

Ezra is very social, very curious about the world and loves meeting people and hopes to meet and cuddle more people now.

Ezra is learning 3 languages: English, Hungarian and Mandarin.

He is going to be a strong character, he knows what he wants and communicates it very passionately.

He has learnt to feed much better.

He is very smiley and happy when his tummy isn’t bothering him, he isn’t hungry or tired.

Ezra is a quick learner and definitely thrives with structure and routine. This can however become a challenge too as I have to be careful with timing when I meet people or go out because of his short wake windows. He is also super energetic and active when he is awake which means he tires himself out very quickly.

We really hope that Ezra will be able to meet some Hungarian family soon, we miss our Hungarian family very much.





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