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Pulling strings

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Manipulated We are manipulated throughout our lives, some people will be manipulated through non-obvious methods like advertising while others will be manipulated into doing things that they don’t want to do through more obvious strategies. Often both the manipulator and … Continued

Open Your Eyes To The Reality of God

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You have to have more faith not to believe in God than to believe in Him. If He was real, you would be missing out on pretty big stuff not knowing Him and would have no assurance or hope in … Continued

Love Hanoi

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While in Hanoi we were looking for things to do for the last day, Sassi stumbled across a festival in the capital called Love Hanoi she later found out it was actually being held by the Hanoi Churches together. We … Continued

Religion in Malaysia

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3 weeks of travel and exploration around some of the bigger tourist areas in Malaysia opened up our eyes to this country and the topic of religion. Malaysia is an Islamic country and if you are Malay then by birth … Continued

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