My Lighthouse Shining Through The Darkness

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‘As the eyes begin to open and the blindness meets the eye. I see the world in light, I see the world in wonder, I see the world in life bursting in living colour and I am walking in the light. I see the world in grace, I see the world in Gospel.’



No words. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Terror hit again. The last few years have been a waiting game. Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Manchester etc…Where are they going to hit next? Good old England, it is your turn.

People are giving up on the idea of a safe Europe, myself included. Nevertheless, darkness spreads like a wild fire. People are walking around without hope, yet they pray to a God they don’t believe in anymore. God, please be with those who are suffering, please bring peace and love at this time. Europe is lost.

This is depressing, isn’t it? You could be asking why am I being so harsh at this time when people just need to hear an encouraging word? But here is my question: when will you listen? You state that things will change, you will change, you are showing kindness and generosity at a time of terror but the first wave goes by and eventually everything calms down in a short while and you forget your promises, your anger, frustration and we cling to God no more.


We see people pulling together to share hope and love with one another at times like these. They share random acts of kindness and they open their hearts and minds. Once again, we can see the good in humanity and without any prompting they display a character that the Father would want them to, selflessly thinking of others other than themselves.

Just think about the homeless men who rushed to help a women who died in his arms and a young girl who lost both of her legs. The world gave him nothing and abandoned him, yet when he was needed he did not turn his back and flee but went into the heat of the storm and gave his best.


This is reality, these are facts that we don’t want to hear. We pray to God when we are in our lowest, when there is nothing else we can do but then carry on with our lives expecting Him to run after us when we need Him and mock Him or disregard Him the rest of the time. We say all religions are the same or that we tolerate all faiths, yet we know that there is more to life than birth and death.


I say it is ENOUGH, wake up England,

wake up Europe,

wake up Christians,

wake up WORLD!


We say we can do everything ourselves and we are in charge of our future and our lives, yet we see how untrue that is in a desperate situation.


There is only one person who can bring eternal hope. He came down in human form to share in people’s suffering and has taken all of our anguishes on himself. He came to serve not to be served. Various religions talk about him differently but we know that there can only be one truth about someone that we know in person. He is the son of God, Messiah, Son of Man and He is my Saviour. We have forgotten who He is and we have forgotten His might and His justice.

He sees our light instead of our darkness, He will embrace us instead of seeing how unworthy we are of His love. He is the only one who can bring light into a dark situation, the only one who can open our eyes when we let Him, the only one who can give us joy over sadness.

Life is short and we never know where it will lead us but with His assurance and with hope in Him we can endure anything.

The recent violence has showed the light in the human hearts and this time it burnt brightly. Jesus wants to help us so that our lights can shine His name and He will inspire us to help others in times of need.

The candle is lit up and slowly gives light to the whole room. ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’ Jesus is the light over darkness.

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