Intrigued by Dreams

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I have been captivated by dreams for years. When I was younger, I started reading about their meaning and origin and started writing my dreams down but I gave up very quickly as they were just weird and non interesting. One of my favourite films is Inception as it introduces the concept of dreams from some very interesting angles.

I would like to introduce to my fascinating head, it entertains me with some intriguing dreams at nights and these dreams have come true a couple of times. In the summer someone who didn’t know me told me that I was a dreamer and that God would talk to me through my dreams. Since then two of my dreams have come true and the difference between these dreams and my other dreams were that they felt so real and vivid that I still remember them. Last night I had an interesting dream that stuck in my head and it was very different from any other dream before.

In my dream, I saw parts of the world being destroyed and many people mourning after losing family members and starting up their lives from scratch. I even remember feeling that there were some rich people who lived through this catastrophe and they were completely distraught having lost all their possessions or family members. I felt I was there in person and this major disaster was in the future (in my lifetime) and I was in the percentage who survived. I know this is not the dream you expected to read about and you now think I might just be some sort of a lunatic sharing it. Various people have told us the world was going to end many times, there have been hundreds of predictions and all of them have seemed to fail so far so we have lost our interest in thinking or caring about when it might happen or if it will ever happen.

Now, I am not necessarily saying that the world is going to end in our life time but this dream has shaken me up and made me reflect on what if… What if it did? Would I be ready? Am I ready? Would you be ready? Life is short and living our lives day by day without not caring about our futures, our planet, each other and what we make our lives to be, without hope or trust, we shouldn’t be surprised if the world is upside down. This dream has woken me up to my responsibility to the world and to humanity. I have a calling to share my hope and faith in Jesus that is everlasting and gives me an eternal hope through whatever I may pass in my lifetime and thereafter.

Added on the 3rd May 2020

My prayer for all of us today is that the pandemic will wake us up to the possibility of a better world, not wanting to go back to the messy normal of the past but looking forward to a new chapter.

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