A little trip to Malta

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So back in January 2015 we decided that it would be great to spend some time in another country soon, even though we just spent December in two different countries but hey we love to see new places. So while looking around at travel deals we found some cheap flights to Malta in May which also coincides with Sassi’s birthday.

Great excuse for a trip abroad. So we booked our flights at £137 for the both of us. We then checked hotels but decided to have a look on AirBnb and found a lovely entire apartment for £95 close to Valetta for 3 nights.

This airbnb kind of looked and felt like we were staying in a cave. As it was an entire flat we had access to the kitchen so we could save money by cooking ourselves on some nights. We also had a nice view from the balcony.

Malta was a lovely place with some great views and the water around Malta was quite possibly one of the clearest we have seen. The blue lagoon was beautiful if you ever find yourself in Malta hop on a boat and go to Comino island there are many boat guides around the ports that will offer great deals. The journey takes you around the coast of Northern Malta over to the island Comino where you come across the Blue lagoon, freezing cold waters but so clear. We even had a chance to snorkel in deep water in the Crystal Lagoon. Deep water swimming is a very big deal for Nick as this was his first time.

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