Here is one from Roger:

I have some news to share while I was London I helped an old lady cross the street she thanked me and then soon after I found a fiver on the road and saw a homeless guy so bought him a nice lunch.


From Anonymous  02/03/17
I overheard a mother and daughter speaking in the shop arguing who is going to pay for the mother\’s shopping. The mother was saying to the daughter \’no you can\’t pay, you don\’t have much money either.\’ I stepped in and said that I would be happy to pay for the shopping, first they looked at me stunned and then I said that I was doing a kindness act Lent challenge so they would be making me feel good if they accepted my help. They were like oh no, no way so I said can I please pay towards the shopping at least and gave them a £5 note from my wallet. They were astonished and said that there are not many nice people in the world nowadays. I think I gave them something to talk about for their way home.