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Things I wish I knew as a first time mum

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Babies communicate with different crying sounds. Start listening carefully and you may be able to hear the difference and understand what they are trying to tell you. Getting a baby used to a dummy can work for some … Continued

Months 2 to 4 with Ezra

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Ezra had his tongue tie appointment at week 6 and found that he had a very severe tongue tie, after this appointment he had to be retrained to feed well. Poor boy wasn’t able to eat properly for 6 weeks … Continued

1st month with Ezra

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Week one with Ezra We had to stay in the hospital for over a day and initially Ezra struggled to breastfeed so we were given a bit of formula. He kept throwing up but apparently this is normal for newborns. … Continued

My thoughts on COVID-19

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Everything we look at today, we are reminded of the coronavirus epidemic going on. Countries are shutting down their borders, schools are closed for weeks and the stock market is crashing. People are panic buying pasta, rice, cans of food … Continued


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In this video I share about some of my experience of suffering and what helped me deal and process what I was going through.

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