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Christmas in Hungary

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So we spent Christmas in Hungary with Sassi’s family. Here is a video of our time there.    

The Fog

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Today I woke up to a foggy day. Looking outside of my bedroom window I couldn’t see very far, the fog covered the trees, the houses and couldn’t even see the people walking on the streets. But I looked a … Continued

7 Hour stop over in Brussels

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So when booking our flights it turned out to be cheaper to fly back on New Years Eve and have a stop over in Brussels although this stop over was a 7 hour gap… The choice is stay in the … Continued

Our trip to Marrakech

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Our trip to Marrakech in Morocco, Here is what happened during our time there. 4/11/16 Sassi found us a great deal £130 each for 4 nights stay in Marrakech including flights and accommodation in a lovely Riad in the old … Continued

Innocent or evil Halloween

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Halloween is a controversial topic amongst Christians. I regularly come across people who hold the following views about Halloween. Halloween is horrible and is all about worshipping the devil, therefore we should have nothing to do with it. Children should … Continued

Intrigued by Dreams

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I have been captivated by dreams for years. When I was younger, I started reading about their meaning and origin and started writing my dreams down but I gave up very quickly as they were just weird and non interesting. … Continued

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