Perhentian Islands Tropical Paradise Found

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We Found Tropical Paradise

Perhentian Islands one of the most beautiful islands we have ever had the chance of visiting. It all started back in New Zealand emailing every four and five-star hotel on the Perhentian Islands along with a few other islands in Malaysia. I was doing this to gain a free stay in exchange for creating an Arrivedo Guide. A few weeks later it worked BuBu Resort on Pulau Perhentian Kecil said YES! Three nights plus boat transfer in exchange for a guide.

Perhentian Island

To the Island

Started our journey squeezed onto a small boat with many others, as there were no other guests heading to BuBu Resort that day we shared a boat with many others if anything it was poorly overcrowded…ugh a bit of a nervous trip bumping over the water but we made it and the views were awesome. We were greeted by the friendly staff as they helped with our bags luckily the resort is right next to the jetty so no jumping in the water to carry bags.

Boat Transfer To the Island

BuBu Resort

Pulau Perhentian Kecil is the smaller of the Perhentians and this resort was on the more budget-friendly area, it was a four-starĀ and compared to the others it was a lot nicer but in comparison to normal hotels, it was probably more like a three star. Either way, we didn’t care because this island looked fantastic. We dropped off our bags and grabbed some snorkels and made our way into the South China Sea. Within a couple of minutes, we were surrounded by tropical fish and we only just walked into the sea. So amazing seeing all the colourful fish so close to the resort, the sea was nice and warm. The main reason to come here is to snorkel and see the tropical fish around the island, for most this resort offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The island has many options for cheap diving, making it an ideal place for beginners to pick up a scuba certificate, but not for us.

Look at the Fish

Not only did we spend a few hours swimming around the sea close to the hotel gazing at the beautiful fish but we took a boat tour from the resort. This included swimming at Turtle Point where we managed to glimpse a magnificent turtle swimming around. We then jumped into the deep water to go on the hunt for blacktip reef sharks. We actually managed to see one swimming after a long time searching, but then the sea got rough and we had to hop back on the boat. We also swam in a popular tropical fish spot where we were able to spot lots of different fish in the sea along with the corals. The only downside was the overcrowded area of people snorkelling and the boats lined up getting in the way.

Perhentian Island


Every day we went for a snorkel to make the most of the glorious location and the easy access to the fish and corals. Even close to the hotel we spotted some baby blacktip reef sharks swimming around.

Wandering Around the Island

Inbetween swimming we decided to walk over to the other side of the island, the small island is easy to walk around and for jungle hikers, this is a great place. Due to the heat, we were put off jungle hiking as it was really hot, we felt more called towards swimming. We made the short walk over to Coral Bay through the jungle path that linked Long Beach and Coral Bay. We came across a huge lizard during the walk luckily it ran away after a short moment. Coral Bay has fewer options than the bustling side of Long Beach but offers a calmer setting perfect for watching the sunset with a beer in hand.

Big Perhentian

We took a boat taxi, which is one of the quickest ways to get around the island as there are no roads or cars on the islands. The boat taxi took us over to the bigger Perhentian Island. We stopped off at Turtle Point which is next to one of the large resorts. We decided to stick around and watch the sunset over the smaller island. The sky at sunset was magnificent full of colour. The larger island is less busy and has more luxurious resorts aimed at families looking for a quiet beach escape, it also has a lot more jungle terrain.

Perhentian Island

Three nights on the Perhentians was not enough but we had to leave and go onwards to our next destination. If you ever get the chance to visit Malaysia and happen to be on the east side of the country I would suggest making a trip over to the Perhentians for a relaxing beach island paradise with lots of colourful fish.

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