Experience a Luxury Stay At Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Residences

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Back in May, we had a three-night stay at Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Residence. My main reason for staying was to put together an Arrivedo neighbourhood guide for the hotel.

Welcome to 5 Star Luxury in Kuala Lumpur

A stay at Lanson Place is not like any other hotel, here you have the joy of having your very own apartment, with a choice of one, two or three bedrooms, the spacious apartments cater for all kinds of guests. We had our very own one bedroom residence with glorious views of the KL Tower, and the top of the Petronas Towers. Arguably the best city view we have had in a room before.

We arrived early and the check-in process was smooth and easy, as they were still preparing the room for us they allowed us access to the communal areas, swimming pool, gym, reading room and sun loungers.

Our One Bedroom Apartment

We got our key card and headed up to the 34th floor, there are only 5 rooms on the floor, the large door opened and we were greeted with a beautiful modern apartment. One of the first things we noticed was the beautiful city view from the kitchen which was close to the entrance. For an apartment stay, we were happy to see a proper kitchen with an oven, not a common thing to have in Asia. The open plan space was inviting and spacious, the large floor to ceiling windows gave us some impressive views of the city not to mention the perfect view of KL Tower and we could even see the top of the Petronas Towers.

The super comfortable and large bed was a gift we were waiting for after a long day of travelling on buses. The shower room is well stocked with amenities and the rain shower is powerful and relaxing. We were more than happy with this apartment hotel.

Nothing like sitting back on the bed and looking out at the KL Tower, who needs to go anywhere when the apartment has the best view in the city.


Swimming Pool and Facilities

There is a shared swimming pool that is incredibly large perfect for swimming in or just cooling off in the heat. The loungers surround the edge of the pool with an onsite cafe great for lunch or snacks. There is also a kids pool and jacuzzi. We had a great time jumping in and swimming as many lengths as possible. There is gym available near to the sky lounge this is a great place to workout while watching the city from up high.

Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge is a great place for views, and this is the area for eating the delicious breakfast, they serve a selection of breakfast foods from eggs, sausages, pastries and many more tasty items. The comfortable sofas around the lounge were great for lounging on, there is a large pool table perfect for challenging a friend or loved on to a game. Televisions are located around the room for catching up with the latest news along with two iMacs.

Sky Lounge Lanson Place


Rooftop Garden

The outdoor rooftop garden provided even higher views of the city but with the cool open air from being up high, it is a lovely place to watch the sunset. Many seats and table are located on the rooftop making it a great spot to drink and eat with a view and sound of the city.


What We Thought

This place is amazing the luxury that oozes from Lanson Place shows in the quality of the apartments and the friendly staff. We enjoyed the comfortable bed, and sofa. The views were the best part of the apartment, especially at night, watching the KL Tower light up in different colours was awesome. The large space on offer is perfect for both of us to work in separate rooms. The free wifi is fast and efficient great for two digital nomads.

The location is perfect very close to Changkat Bukit Bintang which is a road with many bars and restaurants, Jalan Alor is a street close by famous for street food, the smells and taste from this road are mouthwateringly good. Bukit Bintang which is a shopping district in Malaysia offers a large range of shopping malls from designer brands to electronics, you can be sure to find something here and it is only a 10-15minute walk.

Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Residences brings class, modern living and home comforts along with that view. This is an ideal place if you need space during a trip to Kuala Lumpur. Great for couples and families, they even offer longer stays for people that are working in the city.


Book a Stay at Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Residences

We were able to stay here in exchange for writing a guide for Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Residences on the Arrivedo website.

Check out the guide here.


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