Love Hanoi

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While in Hanoi we were looking for things to do for the last day, Sassi stumbled across a festival in the capital called Love Hanoi she later found out it was actually being held by the Hanoi Churches together.

We arrived just after it begun, and the stadium where it was being held was completely full so we had to stay outside and watch from one of the two large screens that were set up outside. It seemed to be very well planned, there were even stools that you can sit down on. We grabbed some food and watched from afar.

From when we started watching it was mainly in Vietnamese but awhile later two Korean singers came on stage and sung modern Christian songs in English. It was great to see some youthful element to the festival and they expressed why they follow Jesus.

There were more Christian worship songs being sung and other performances which made it an enjoyable night especially as the whole things was free.

The guest speaker was Franklin Graham who is the son of Billy Graham we literally found this out right there, given that this is Vietnam a communist country we were not expecting to see a Christian festival but for a big preacher from the US to preach in front of thousands of Vietnamese people. After all the songs he preached alongside a translator. He was very clear in his message and did not seem to hold back, which we thought was strange as being in a communist country we thought they would not allow this but it was fine. This was awesome to see as through his talk it was simple enough to understand yet thought-provoking enough to make you think especially to the people that have no idea about Jesus.

The sermon ended with Graham asking people to come forward if they felt something tonight and felt that they needed Jesus in their life. This was the first time I have ever seen so many people just get up and walk to the front, on the screen you could see many people inside approach the front and outside everyone walked towards the screens.

Overall we were wowed by the experience, a one-off chance of us being in the right place at the right time meant we got to see hundreds of people give their life to Jesus in Vietnam.



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