2 months left

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As I sit down to write this post I glance at the calendar to have a sudden shock that it is now JULY what happened to June and May (Well May is still Prime Minister… but no need to share our thoughts on politics right now) time is ticking and the days are flying by. It is actually only two months until we set off on our adventures, we have already booked our flights to Sri Lanka and accommodation for the whole of the Sri Lanka trip and even our Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, with a few apartments booked for this leg of the journey. Things are really coming together, and the excitement is starting to really grown within us but also a little nervousness as it really is becoming real. We have had some of our vaccinations and have also started sorting out credit cards and items that we will need to take with us.



So what is next?

  1. Get the rest of our vaccinations. (Little did we know the cost was per dose and Rabies is 3 doses, so it really does add up especially for a couple).
  2. Buy travel insurance.
  3. Buy the rest of the items on our list.
  4. Booking for our trip- Accommodation and transport.
  5. Start cancelling our utility bills.
  6. Let our apartment out with Power Bespoke.
  7. Move our stuff out and move in with my parents.
  8. Leaving parties.
  9. Passport interview for Sassi’s British passport
  10. Sell more things that we don’t need.


So we have many things to do, but also a lot coming up just in the next 2 months that will keep us very busy up until we leave. So we are off to Naturally Super Natural.  This is a new Christian festival held by Soul Survivor, it will be similar to Momentum which was aimed at 20-30s but will now be open to whole families and ages. Sassi is going as part of a retreat from Church and I will be volunteering as a photographer. So we are pretty excited and I can’t wait to have my ‘Access all areas’ pass so I can roam free taking capturing awesome photos during the festival. It will also be great to be able to spend time together in God’s Presence and around other fellow Christians for the 5 days and really keep praying for our trip and our health especially Sassi’s knee.


Straight after we get back Sassi has her little sister and mother coming to stay with us, so there will be lots of tour guiding around the South England for a week. We haven’t seen Sassi’s Mum for quite some time so will be nice to spend some quality time together before we leave. Her little sister will stay up until the very end of August so we will have lots on our hands with looking after her and coming up with interesting things to do. Hmm Google what do teenagers like?….

This also means our airbnb hosting will come to an end, we currently only have 4 more booked guests and everything else is all blocked off ready for family to stay here and then for us to leave. The past few months have been hectic with our airbnb, we have had a lot of guests and a lot of one night stayers which means more effort with tidying up. Also with Sassi’s knee pain she has been at home a lot and that means having to deal with every guest that comes through the door which has been quite challenging at times. Although the benefits of the airbnb room has shown in our savings for our trip, it really has helped a lot.

On top of all this Sassi is still having physio for her Knee pain, things are sounding more positive, the knee is getting stronger with all the exercises but we are praying for it to be completely strong for when we leave and the goal right now is for Sassi to be free from crutches by next month. Although to take the strain away for our first few months we have decided to slow down the pace of our travels. As we mentioned earlier we have already booked accommodation for the part of the trip, so we decided to avoid certain areas but also stay longer in each place just to avoid the mammoth amount walking we would of done and take a little bit of the stress off her knee for the beginning.


So there we have it, a mass amount of things to take care of and keep us occupied for the next 2 months and the time is ticking. The main goal is to tick things off one by one, as we don’t want one of those last minute situations where we are trying to do every task on the 6th of September….(flashback to school and leaving work until the deadline…).






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