The Fog

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Today I woke up to a foggy day. Looking outside of my bedroom window I couldn’t see very far, the fog covered the trees, the houses and couldn’t even see the people walking on the streets. But I looked a little further and I could see a little light shining through the fog, the light was coming from above.

I feel that people around me, this nation and even myself are waking up to days like these every day. Fog is before our eyes and does not let us see the Almighty in His full power. We have gotten used to this kind of weather and we have started to enjoy it.

We know what we are doing, we can do everything ourselves. We have a solution and answer to every problem. I am not feeling too well today, lets go to the doctor or google my symptoms and see what how I can do to get better with home remedies. I am not sure how to design, but no worries, I will sign up to a course and practice. The solution to of our problem is not God, God has become a side project instead of Him being the Almighty God who CAN act and deliver. He has become a forgotten friend who is only mentioned when there is a major need.

We know what we are talking about, we are intelligent and we understand life and faith inside and out. We don’t need to read the Bible much because we already know the stories that are in it. We don’t need to pray as much because God can hear our thoughts anyway.

God is so much bigger than a friend, He is to be feared. He is the Judge, He is our Judge. He is the Creator of the Earth, He is the Creator of you and me. Are we using forgiveness and the expression that ’we are not perfect’ as an excuse to sin? Have we forgotten to bow down before the King of Kings and bow our heads and admit that we are not worthy to be in His presence, we are not worthy to be forgiven? Have we forgotten His power and might? Have we forgotten that His can hands can strike sin as well as embrace the forgotten and the lonely? Are we humble enough to see how sinful and unworthy we are of His love? When we sing that we surrender everything, when we go to church on a Sunday, are we saying that we are ready to give up our comfort, our money, our power, our self, our families and our future to Him or are we using God’s grace as a get out of jail free card?


The God I know wants us to be adventurous and wants us to have a life that is different, full of risks and challenges but also full of joy, trust and faith. He wants us to be the one in a million who will be remembered as someone who stood their ground, someone who made history by never backing down, never compromising. If Jesus was only asking us for a couple of days of adventure with Him then, I would get bored like a child gets bored of their old toys eventually and throws them away. But no. He is asking us that we journey with him for OUR WHOLE LIVES and as we journey with him we get to know him more. Just think about it for one more second. I have the opportunity to be in a relationship with the living God and He communicates with me as I give Him my time and as I surrender.

The Bible is the most awesome book you could ever read and it can talk to us so many different ways even if we are reading the same verse over and over again. It is full of stories about normal people like you and me but every person took a risk for God, this sometimes meant leaving their family, their possessions, their job or even their life. God has communicated with humanity throughout history and He continues to do so. Don’t you want to go on this adventure with Him and live a life that is not boring but fulfilling and where you can learn something new about your Creator every day? Don’t you want this fog to disappear and the day to become clear again? Don’t you want the Sun to burn the fog away so that you can see the Son clearly again?


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  1. Dear Sassi
    Lots of powerful thoughts there… perhaps the idea of the sun scorching and breaking through the fog is a picture that lingers with me. Scorching describes a harsh infusion of heat, and maybe we should remember the holy spirit as fire and a strong wind, and not just the gentle warmth we crave. We will be thinking of you as you plan your future travels and also journey with God in the here and now. Bless you both.

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