Innocent or evil Halloween

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Halloween is a controversial topic amongst Christians. I regularly come across people who hold the following views about Halloween.

Halloween is horrible and is all about worshipping the devil, therefore we should have nothing to do with it. Children should not be allowed to take part in any sort of celebration. 

 Halloween is just an innocent celebration when children dress up and collect sweets. Children should be allowed to take part in these celebrations. 

I would like to ask a couple of questions from all of whom hold either of these views.

Darkness, evil is everywhere around us, the world is spoilt with sin. Yes it is very visibly obvious that evil is real but so is God’s power and love. We have the only Light within us who can drive out darkness and his name is JESUS. So why fear? Why not choose to celebrate the light of the world instead of closing our doors and hearts at this night of the year? How do we help God’s light shine upon others if we choose not to show people around us the contrast between good and evil and couldn’t this celebration be an opportunity to do this?

Our calling becomes more and more urgent as the days go by and evil, suffering, disasters become more and more apparent everywhere. May you answer your calling to be the light of the world so that many will see and experience the one and only LIGHT that has power over evil through your example.


How can Halloween not be just a fun celebration as we are only letting our children dress up in innocent costumes and go to parties and collect lots of sweets? Do you know why many people dress up in evil costumes like witches, ghosts, goblins etc? Did you know that there are real witches and evil worshippers who use this night as an opportunity to use witchcraft and worship the devil? Yes, Halloween has pagan origins and these origins are not as innocent as they can appear to be. And yes evil and evil spirits are just as real as God and the Holy Spirit are and the evil will prowl around like a roaring lion looking for anyone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Should we be scared? No, because we have Jesus within us who has power over evil.

Am I saying we should not allow our children to dress up in innocent costumes and collect sweets? Not necessarily, this is your call. However, shouldn’t we ensure that our children don’t cross any boundaries and will not get involved in the darker aspects of this day? Shouldn’t our children be more aware of what Halloween is about and the reality of evil so that they may put on the armour of God and walk as the children of Light? YES, definitely.


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