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So Sassi’s brother is going to be visiting for 2 months, we must show him some of the beautiful parts of the UK. Where have we not been to together and can drive to easily?

Ah yes, Wales!

We got in touch with our friends and managed to convince 2 of our friends to come as well (one of them brought her boyfriend). We camped together for 2 nights and cooked on a little hob. Sassi managed to put something delicious together in one pot. We got to the camp site pretty late on Friday night (slow traffic) so it was very hard to put our tent up. But our friends got there even later (midnight) but luckily Jason (our other friend) who was there first had a pop up tent and graciously gave it to them to use for the night, he even had a spare towel which was great considering Nick forgot to bring one. We did a lot of hiking, saw beautiful lakes and the weather treated us really well, we even had a shower in a waterfall. Brecon Beacons is beautiful place with amazing scenery and definitely worth a visit. It’s easier to get around if you have a car for sure though. Practicing how to put the tent up was helpful as Sassi was going to use the tent at a festival a couple of weeks after.


On the way back to Redhill we decided to have a stop off in Bristol to show Jonatan the Bristolian sights, so first stop was to drive around the city as if we were a tour bus, this was then followed by a trip to the Clifton Bridge, top tourist spot while visiting the city. Lovely views from up there and lots of signs trying to prevent people from jumping off.

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