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We drove and took a ferry to Amsterdam, Netherlands, from Redhill, UK with Sassi’s younger sister Lidia.

The first port of call was Dover to board a ferry over to Dunkirk to begin our Euro trip. Dunkirk is a little further than Calais but not as busy and slightly closer to where we were heading so made sense for us.

We stopped in Belgium for a night and stayed in an airbnb camper van, we also managed to spend a few hours roaming around the beautiful city of Bruges. Very easy to drive in and park, wasn’t all that busy.

We also saw our beautiful Dutch friend Isabella who showed us around in Amsterdam and took us out for a yummy apple crumble.


Watch out for the bikes in Amsterdam, there are so many of them and they can come out of nowhere. If you walk around the canal you will get to see the lovely architecture of the city. The red light district was an interesting experience, during the day it was full of tourists staring into windows but during the night it turns into what it’s known for (sleazy prostitution). The smell of weed was apparent everywhere around Amsterdam.

After our day in Amsterdam we stayed in Rotterdam for a night before heading back to the UK, but we decided to stop off on a beach in Belgium to relax for a bit as we were ahead of schedule and didn’t want to hang around the Ferry port for hours.



Our airbnb experiences were fine, the campervan near Bruges was located in a beautiful setting although it was hard to find. Dank Je Netherlands.



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