Copenhagen, Denmark

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Cheap weekend getaway after 9 months of dating? Why not?

Little did Sassi know that Nick sneaked a ring into his suitcase. Yes, Copenhagen is where Nick got down on one knee (except that he didn’t as we were already sitting on the ground). It was at Rosenborg castle where Nick got the ring out of his bag while Sassi was sunbathing and at first Sassi said no to his question (to which Nick responded with; okay, I will sell the ring then). Don’t we just love a little easy fun proposal story?

We popped across to Sweden (Malmo) as it was only a train ride away from the Copenhagen airport. It rained and a Macdonalds meal cost us all the money we had with us (£10).


Copenhagen is where we had our first airbnb experience. We stayed with a couple who had two young children. The house was messy and the kids ran around naked at 6am…  It was pretty awkward. We learnt not to book with couples who have young children and check out the feedback more in advance.

We loved the beach, the architecture and the atmosphere of the city. We visited Christiania which was the most bizarre place so different from the city around it, it felt like they lived without laws or were under a different system completely. Copenhagen is worth to see but be prepared for the cost of extra expenses as for all Scandinavian countries they all tend to be more expensive.

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