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Sassi’s family moved to Debrecen (East Hungary), near the border of Romania when she was 14. Sassi’s sister studied in Romania across the border as tuition was cheaper and easier for her. We decided to pop over to Romania once when we were visiting family together with Sassi’s sister, her husband and her brother. The city we visited was Oradea. I am not sure whether I would recommend a visit there as the city looked very much in ruins and in poor conditions. Szilvi, Sassi’s sister told us that the teachers and staff members don’t treat her well in the school because she is Hungarian. Romanians can be very racist towards Hungarians. Sassi has been to Romania twice before this visit. Once with a youth group as a teenager, she was part of a table tennis competition and the second time with her father at an exhibition where she played the recorder. She remembers that she saw some pretty places in Romania then but even back then remembers that they were not liked by Romanians very much and the Hungarian living in those cities were discriminated because of their origin.

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